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Moishes Boneless Rib Steak

Moishes “steaks” a claim at IGA’s butcher counter

Moishes has reinvented itself once again. After a complete renovation and the introduction of an after nine menu, Moishes is now expanding to a grocery store near you. As of today, Moishes will be offering its steaks to consumers, exclusively at IGA locations across Quebec. “The steak we are offering…is the same steak that customers in our […]

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Build your own gourmet burger at m : brgr

M:Brgr – Get a Little Big Bang For Your Buck

Great, if overpriced, gourmet burgers have always been their specialty, but a new after 10pm (dubbed ‘Fashionably late’) special makes this a worthwhile late night find… Remember the world before 2001? A simpler place, it was a world with no Ipods, where nobody really knew what Enron did or who Osama bin laden was, and […]

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Suckling pig - glazed parsnip - sweet potatoes - turnip

Bar et Boeuf – Beauty and the Beef

Upon first glance, you might think the name Bar et Boeuf refers to the selection of alcohol and meat, and it wouldn’t be an inaccurate way of describing the fare at this financial district eatery.  While they do have an extensive wine collection and several signature cocktails, the term ‘bar’ actually refers to ‘sea bass’, […]

Late Night Eats

Moishes Petit Filet and Monte Carlo Potato

Moishes: This Ain’t Your Bubbe’s Steakhouse

A Main classic, this Jewish steakhouse has been serving up mouth-watering meat for over 70 years. With a recent renovation and an after-nine menu to make you plotz, Moishes is bringing in a whole new generation of carnivores. The Jews have given Montreal a great many treasures: bagels, smoked meat, Leonard Cohen,  and of course, […]

Laurier Gordon Ramsay Smokey Ribs

Laurier Gordon Ramsay: Not Worth Your Dime, Even After Nine

Gordon, you’ve really disappointed us. The price was right ($10 a plate), but the taste was most definitely not. Total rubbish. *Update: Gordon Ramsay and Laurier have cut ties in what seems to be a move to save face while trying to regain some of it’s older charm (hence the rename to Laurier 1936). This […]